Bomb Threat

Hey everybody

First of all, I’d like to¬†apologize¬†to the people that have this blog on an RRS feed of sorts for the mass amounts of film reviews this past week. It was an assignment for school, but hopefully you found some of them interesting and I’ve convinced you to go out and see some cool movies.

Speaking of school assignments, I’ve just completed my Scriptwriting/Directing project for the semester. Here it is!

I took some inspiration from movies like A Beautiful Mind or Fight Club, but had to resort to simplified visual cues to be able to tell the story. There are quite a few things I would change if I could do it again, like maybe another draft of the script, or better sets and lighting, but I worked with what I had. Most of it was shot illegally in the hallways of my building, so lighting was not my main concern. Also, because of the high risk of being shut down by security, I only had a crew of 1 (and 2 at some points), so it turned out to be a grittier look than I had anticipated. Did it work with the style though? I think so. I had to jump over a few hurdles and try something new in the editing room to keep up with the mood and pacing of the film, but overall, I think the final product turned out pretty decent.

It wasn’t until I found the amazing track (royalty-free I might add) did I start really liking project. Before that, I literally wanted to throw it all out 2 days before it was due and start from square one. But after that track came in, I was inspired and was able to work with the footage until it suited my original vision pretty closely.

Hope you enjoyed it. Bigger and better projects are in the works, so I can’t wait to be churning out more of these for you guys!