I know this character development was supposed to be spread over six different blog posts over the last month or so, but I’m lumping it all into this one. This does not mean, however, that I’m making this whole thing up on the spot. I’ve actually been simmering this character on the back burner of my mind for weeks now. Instead of the six separate posts, I’m going to break this one post into six categories. So here it goes. Mr. Rayne Patch everybody…

Character Inspiration

Rayne Patch (who I just recently assigned this name) has the appearance of a young, overly creative artist. With a mop of dark hair and clothes that look at least 5 years worn (by choice of course), Rayne flies under the radar when it comes to his intelligence. He is the ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ of Toronto.

I spun him into existence as two or three experiences hit me simultaneously about a month ago. First of all, I was listening to my iPod – most of my ideas come to me when the volume is cranked in my headphones and my head is empty. At this particular moment, I was listening to Alphabot, a friend of mines one-man “electro-carnival-rock” band. The second factor in his creation was my physical location. It was warm out, but the wind had a cold bite to it. I was walking down a street just outside of the downtown core for whatever reason, and I knew this character had to represent this face of the city. Slightly run-down and gritty, but alive with creativity and potential that grows within it. The third thing that helped inspire Rayne is the concert tickets I just bought. It was for a Nirvana Tribute show put on by 6 big local Toronto bands, and it’s one of those things you’d only find in Toronto. It is unique, but perfection for a select audience. Rayne embodies that quality to the people in his life.

The 5 W’s

Rayne grew up in Toronto. His young parents had a small run-down in downtown, but he moved out when he was 17 to a 3rd story apartment in the Annex. (to be expanded)

Influencing People

The manager at the bar he does concert sound mixing for. His high school math teacher. His friend from university. (to be expanded)

Influencing Events

The day he graduated with a masters in __. The day he downloaded his first Smashing Pumpkins song. The day his father was charged for murder. (story behind each event – to be expanded)

Psychological Profile

Obstacles he faces, how his goals change. (to be expanded)



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