A pet peeve of mine is blogs that go dead for a few months and then return with a big hopeful post about the future and how it’s restarting and make all these promises about posting every week and all that BS.

So I assure you this is not one of those. This is simply a post cleansing the palate, like a cube of watermelon between courses of fine-dining. Your taste buds are now fresh, so if I decide to start posting again, it won’t be tinted with the taste of old blawg.


2 lines in and I’m already making weird analogies about things that don’t make any sense. I’m back! Now I just need to end the post with an irrelevant question nobody will bother answering and I won’t bother caring about.

What do we think of the new layout?




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  1. Errol says:

    Welcome back Dave. “The Return”

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