So, I’m craving pancakes, and I make a late night run to the store.

The mall janitor has a bluetooth earpiece on, talking on the phone to his friend. I notice the earpiece, and don’t think much about it when he starts to laugh. The person just entering the hallway, however, does not notice the janitor’s earpiece, and gives him a weird look for laughing to himself randomly.

I see all of this going down, and can’t help but laugh myself. So now the new guy looks at me, who, to him, is also laughing for no reason. I would pay money to know what was going on in his head as he passed by. It was great.



alex is having an unemployed day


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  1. Lauren says:

    craving pancakes? do we need to…talk?

    have you ever replied to someone talking on a bluetooth? i have.

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