There was once a time, not that long ago, where I was naive enough to believe that thoughts going through my head were original. Not completely original, but to some extent, I was willing to give myself the benefit of the doubt that they had something original about them. But within the period of about 1 week, I have been proven wrong on all accounts.

Example 1:

My idea: This summer, I started conceptualizing a movie idea. Nothing solid, but I was starting to work out a few aspects of it. I had a good idea about plot, character, and even a couple scenes played out in my head. Basically, a burglar had a set couple of houses he broke into regularly and stole random things the owners wouldn’t notice missing. It was his adrenaline fix, his hobby.

Their idea: I was browsing books in chapters, and I found a book almost identical to it, except it was the completed version. It had a beginning, middle, end, full characters, full plot, etc. The book was released last year. Of course, I bought it, just to see how my seed of an idea played out.

The Difference: In the book, the main character does this for a living, and not for a hobby. He makes lists and gathering items from each of his ‘clients’ homes throughout the day. Minor difference, really. Both of them make minimalistic theft a form of art.

Example 2:

My idea: Another one of my ideas over the summer was Music Interpretation Videos. Basically, if a song had a really good story to it, I would tell it visually, and cut it to the actual song. Almost a music video, but not. One of the songs I wanted to do was Dime, by Cake.

Their idea: Someone did a similar video for an advanced broadcasting class in high school. Some of the scenes were exactly what I had pictured. (except they didn’t do a good job of it, and their camera was crap) but the idea was there. I was watching the movie in my head ON youtube. Sure, it was done with some guys bad camera and inability to edit. But it was there regardless.

The Difference: His was more of the classic ‘music video’ style, whereas mine was going to be a “music interpretation video” style that I came up with (or has that idea been stolen too?). That is to say, mine was going to have a story element to it. Also, his had a weird scene with a guy in his boxers rolling around in dimes on a bed. Mine, on the other hand, was not going to have that.

Example 3:

My Idea: Well this wasn’t exactly all my idea. Me and Kurtis passed by the XBox Kinect store on Yonge and started musing about how a spoof video could be made using the game Connect 4.

Their idea: Kurtis somehow found a video online that had already done that exact same thing:

The difference: I was going to have a part where the guy puts on old red and blue 3D glasses and claims Connect 4 is 3D, while Kinect isn’t.

it’s surprising what you find on the internet. it has thought of everything


alex lost his day


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  1. Errol Mc Millon says:

    Do you really believe that Dave?…. Naaahh I don’t think so. “Origin” “Ideas”. Hmmmmmm!!!

    Have a good one Dave


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