Edgar Wright, director of Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, and most recently Scott Pilgrim, is in town this week. He’s having a signing at HMV tomorrow, followed closely by a free screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World at the Varsity with a Q&A session for the audience after.

What an awesome thing to do. Seriously. Celebrities need to learn from this guy on how to be awesome. I mean, he already did an amazing job of capturing the city itself in the movie. And then this? Over the top.

Unfortunately, I’m out of town for the weekend and can’t make it to tomorrows events. However, thanks to Kurtis and his CBC hook up, I was able to see him in person for the interview he did for George Stroumboulopoulus Tonight. He tweeted after that it was his “first chat show” but did a great job regardless.

In the interview, he talked about the moment of realization when it hit him that he didn’t have to be ‘born into Hollywood’ to become a part of it. He said that from that moment, he just kept making more and more video’s until he finally broke through, and look at him now. Inspirational really, especially being a film student myself. I mean, I’m not aiming to be a huge director like him, but he made being a successful part of the industry sound doable. I know, it’s the whole ‘you can do anything you want if you try hard enough’ saying, but it’s always nice to hear it from someone as down to earth as him.

Another really interesting thing he said was that he doesn’t just start new projects because they are something he ought to do. He passes them off and waits for a project he wants to do. That’s exactly how he started doing Scott Pilgrim. He was given the Scott Pilgrim book at his Shaun of the Dead screening back when it came out, read it, and decided this was going to be a movie. He does only what speaks to him. This beautifully contracted Kevin Smith’s reasoning he gave for doing Cop Out when I went to the taping of his interview with George earlier this year. Smith said he wasn’t really feeling Cop-Out, but because it was such a crazy offer, directing a Bruce Willis movie and all, he did it anyway. And look how that turned out. :S

Edgar Wright’s signature of the unmatchable soundtrack complexity and subtlety in movies continues to inspire me, and is slowly making him one of my favorite directors of all time (if it hasn’t already). I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. And in the mean time, someone NEEDS to tell me how the Q&A goes tomorrow night.

The interview airs tomorrow night with George Stroumboulopoulus Tonight, I recommend checking it out. That is, after the Scott Pilgrim screening of course.


alex is having a birthday. (tell him happy birthday, and thank him for having alex days)


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