One of my favorite aspects of filmmaking has always been editing music. And so here it is, the perfect project. A music edit.

We are given a scene of a movie, already edited. There are a few temp sound effects and backgrounds, but the original song (a Beck song, can’t remember what it’s called) has been removed. Our job is to find our own song and cut it into the scene accordingly.

I played around with a few songs, (as I’m sure everyone did) until I found a match. By match, I mean it matches the pacing of the visual edits and the mood I want for the scene. Once I had the song, the next step was to find in and out points. How to start it, how to end it. When to start it, when to end it. Then I had to explore the rest of the song, and pick out strong points to accent certain shots and actions throughout the scene. Finally, I had to look over what I had and find a way to slice it all together, seamlessly making it sound natural from ‘beginning’ to ‘end.’

There are at least 4 different cuts i made to the song, skipping bars here or there so other sections could match the action. It was more difficult than I was used to, without being able to mess with the video edit. Usually, I play around with both sound and video simultaneously, but being forced to deal with the music separately was a learning experience on its own. Music is extremely flexible if you want it to be.

On top of the soundtrack, I added a couple little extras. A camera whoosh near the beginning, the electric snap and hum for the spotlight cuts, and finally a laugh at 1:12.

Anyways, here’s the video. See if you can pick out everything I mentioned.


alex is having a bad milk day. that is, if he drank the milk. otherwise, it’s just me having a bad milk day.


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