I had a conversation the other day with someone (no, not with you. with someone you don’t know) that struck me as extremely inauthentic. Whether it was or not, I’ll never know, but I still walked away with the gut feeling it was. As time went on, I couldn’t help but wonder about it. I mean, the person already has a reputation of being 2 dimensional, so did that effect my judgement? If the same conversation happened with someone else, would I get the same impression? Who knows.
Anyways, that’s a long way of saying: it felt inauthentic. Onwards with the story.
I wanted to tell other people about it. I wanted to ask them how this person could be so fake and wear this mask with pride. I didn’t get it. But I wasn’t 100% sure that they were actually being inauthentic, so I didn’t say a word to anyone.
Then last night I had a dream. Throughout various situations I tried to bring it up. I tried telling everyone that would listen about this really dumb conversation I had. But every time I did, the actual person would show up, and I had to quickly fix what I was saying before they heard. Over and over again I would stop mid-sentence and put on a different face, pretending to be talking about something else.
Finally I was sure they weren’t around and I told my whole story. I said every bad thing that came to mind about them. All the words an inauthentic person would cringe at, I said. I really drove the point home.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, the person shows up. They ask to borrow a piece of paper or something like that, and right before they leave, they mutter some sly comment about overhearing me. I can’t remember what it was exactly. You know how it is, the most interesting parts of dreams are never remembered, but the feeling you get from it sticks with you for when you wake up.
At the time I didn’t get it. It’s a dream. 99% of the time they’re nonsense. But brushing my teeth this morning it hit me. The subliminal punchline behind it all. How hypocritical is it to presume that someone is inauthentic, and then go talk about it behind their back.
good point dream, good point.
alex is having a diseased whale and ninja-eel day. (see, this is what he gets to dream about. how lame are my dreams? haha)

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