Credit cards are confusing sometimes. Depending on where you are, they require different amounts of proof that they belong to you. For example, on the one end of the spectrum, some places will ask for your ID before they swipe your card. Then they check to make sure your signature is the same on everything; on your ID, your credit card, and the receipt you just signed. Ridiculous security.

Now, contrast that, if you will, with the other side of the spectrum. Fast food restaurants, for example, do not require a signature. They do not require ID. I almost feel the swipey machine thing hungrily sensing my card hovering above it, and before I even finish swiping it, the machine is already is busy spitting out reciepts and flashing APPROVED on the screen. It seriously reminds me of some kind of lizard or frog waiting for an insect to cross its path, and before you even realize what happened, it’s gone.

crazy money hungry mcdonalds machines. and damn their monopoly too.


alex is having a committed day


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