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In Walter Murch’s talk at the TIFF Bell Lightbox this weekend, he touched quite frequently on the evolution of cinema. I actually thought this is an extremely interesting topic. Where has it been, where is it going, and what does all this mean.

In the earliest days of film, people would pay to individually watch short movies in a Kinetoscope. The next step was public viewings in theaters. Fast forward almost a century, and we re-introduce individual viewings with VHS tapes or whatever came before them. It swings back and forth, depending on the technology available it seems.

Sundays lecture had a very interesting point when he asked us to think about what the difference is viewing something with a crowd vs alone. Individual viewings have expanded even further with things like YouTube or portable entertainment devices (iPhones). Murch pointed out that there is definitely a certain quality to actually gathering and watching something at a set time. But on the other hand, the other side of the spectrum has its advantages as well. I think there’s a lot behind this thought.

He had this really interesting graph:

These are the 4 straightforward categories we view things. What has been happening is that they are becoming blended. Cinema and video are coming together with ‘Home Theaters.’ Video games are somewhere on the line between video and dream, whereas they are private yet unique. The future is going to only further blend the categories.  Think about it. There are now things like online gaming, streaming live events over the internet,  i’t is all crashing together beautifully.

Anyways. It’s an interesting thing to think about. Thoughts?

To finish I want to paraphrase Walters ending speech, because it was very well put.

“We once told stories around the campfire, and now, instead, we look into the fire and let the stories be told through the flickering light of our projectors. Yet, one thing that has always stayed constant and will always be constant is the element of story.”



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