So how do you demonstrate that you know how to effectively use a motion blur on Final Cut? Well it has to be with something moving fast and something that will look cool when blurry. Laurens first idea was me playing my drum set.


Only problem was it wasn’t set up yet. Amongst all the catching up on school work from my Vegas trip I had to do, setting up my drum set was added to the list. The task was complete in an afternoon. In retrospect, if it wasn’t for this motivation, I probably still wouldn’t have set it up yet. Yay forced motivation.

The next step was a camera.  Since the school camera rental place was closed, I had to resort to my little HD Cannon handheld. I guess next time I should remember before 6pm monday night that editing class is on Tuesday, not Wednesday.

My final obstacle was actually playing it. I haven’t played drums in what seems like forever, probably 6 months. The song choice was one I knew like the back of my hand, the first one I ever learnt. Jet’s Cold Hard Bitch. It only took a couple runs through to get it back, yet it was rusty enough that ‘messing up’ for part of my storyline came very naturally when the camera was rolling.

So there we have it. Footage was shot, the required motion effects were edited in (plus a few more) and out pops the final export. Slightly rough on the edges, but it did what it had to do.


alex is having a cold onion rings day. followed by a re-deepfried old onion ring day. #JohnnyRocketsFail


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by David Fyfe, Fyfeblawg. Fyfeblawg said: Editing project now posted on YouTube! Imagine motion blur. And then imagine a drum set. JET edit:… […]

  2. Lauren says:

    i love the new edits you made to it!
    now you just have to put in some drumming sessions during the week and get back up to speed. i’ve missed watching you play…

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