Language is in an interesting state. What I mean by this, is that words are CONSTANTLY taking on new meanings. I’ll explain through example:

First we have words like flight. 100 years ago, the word flight was nothing but a concept, an action almost exclusively reserved for conversations revolving around birds, or bugs. But once we invented a flying machine, we use the word flight in a whole new context. My flight was delayed; How was your flight; In-flight movies available.

Then there were words like text. It once referred to a write-up in a book somewhere, but now is an extremely powerful and popular way of communication. It has become a ‘thing,’ it has become something you are ‘doing.’ You send a text; you stand in the at the bus stop texting. See where I am going with this?

Finally there are words as innocent as google or tweet. Google was once spelt googol and referred to the number 10^100 (a 1 followed by 100 zero’s), and a tweet was the sound of a songbird. Now corporations have taken these words and made them almost unrecognizable. Tweeting has absolutely nothing to do with birds, and Google is not something you cover in your exponentials math homework.

What other words have been reborn in the last century? There are hundreds, these are just a few examples. I can think of at lest 5 more off the top of my head right now. Post the word you are thinking of on the Fyfeblawg Facebook post HERE. Lets see how many you guys come up with, and if you cover the 5 I havent told you.


alex is having an alex day. (Hey there’s another one)


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