Album of the SUMMER:

Before I get back into my routine of Album of the Week, I want to make up for all the weeks I missed this summer by talking about my Album of the SUMMER. 20+ playcount on my ipod in the two month’s i’ve owned it, and it is not slowing down.

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve talked about these guys before. Album of the Week #33, I was saying how Hot Hot Heat was a firework. “It’s in your face one moment, all loud and bright and whatnot, then it’s just gone.”

At the time, I honestly believed Hot Hot Heat was that kind of band. Lots of radio play for a bit, and then vanishes off the face of the earth. All that remains is a few records saying their song hit the top of the chart here or there. The follow up Album to Elevator called Happiness Ltd. didn’t have the same energy and personality of their previous efforts, so I was sure this was the downhill slope, or in the firework metaphor, the “invisible dust camouflaged in the night sky left to fall to the earth.”



They built their own studio and went back to recording what they knew: synth-trashed, dance-throbbed anthems (thanks Wikipedia, those were exactly the words I was looking for). Future Breeds removed the ‘cookie cutter radio friendly’ ingredient they wrongly adopted for Happiness Ltd., and replaced it with a beautiful insanity. Chaotic, messy, beautiful, insanity. You could hear this monster bubbling under the surface of all their other albums, but this time they released it full blown. They are the Conehead firework of fireworks. If that visual doesn’t describe to you how awesome this album is, nothing can.

Favorite Songs on this album: Future Breeds, JFK’s LSD, and What is Rational?

…aand here is the first single:


alex is having a day off


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