Most of what I write on here originates from my thoughts on the boring TTC ride to and from school. I’m not sure where that leaves my blog on the boring scale, but let’s not think too deeply into that one.

Anyways, where I was actually going with this:

Are sunglasses on the subway COOL? Its an UNDERGROUND train. Am I MISSING something??

Normally I don’t think much about it, but today caught my attention. This kid was trying to play a game on his phone, but because of the sunglasses he was wearing he had to put the screen inches from his face and squint at it stupidly.  My attention now drawn, I decide to actually scan the crowds to get a sense of how many people are actually wearing sunglasses. The results? I started  counting 3 stops away from my destination, and got to eleven. Eleven! Eleven out of the maybe 500 people I was able to pick out before my stop.   Thats 2%.

1 out of every 50 people have sunglasses on multiple stories below ground. Multiple stories below any possible flicker of sunlight. If you think about it, thats an extremely high percentage for such a…such an odd thing. If that number were any higher, I would start questioning what the hell the TTC lights are made of.


alex is having a big dog day.


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  1. ERROL MC MILLON says:

    You’re heading in the right direction Kid. I can see it. Keep going

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