Remember in elementary school when every year your first assignment was to write about your summer? Well this first paragraph is gonna look something like that. A half-assed summary, enough to pass it off for a grade, but no real thought or effort put in it… Cuz that’s what we all did back then, right?

First I went to London for 10 days with the film class. I tried blogging about that but only ended up with a bunch of drafts (maybe I’ll look over those and post them at some point in the near future. if you want.) Then I came back, and a typical day consisted of 8 hours doing landscaping of some sort, taking a shower at 5, then putting on a MovieHouse uniform and selling popcorn from 6 to midnight. Extremely busy. Time off was mostly spent going to the movies for free or hanging out with Lauren. There was a houseboat trip in there somewhere, a weekend or two up in edmonton, and stampede for a day. Weezer ROCKED my socks off to wrap it up at Sonic Boom, and that’s about it. The end.

My elementary teachers would probably fail me for that, but I’m hoping you aren’t judging. There are more interesting things to talk about. 3 in fact.

First, I need you all to join my blogs Facebook Page!! This will keep you up to date on all my posts (since I am not linking to every one via my personal facebook anymore), create a space for discussion surrounding the blawg, and a few other things I have planned for this year. It will be awesome, so just click the Like button (on the FACEBOOK PAGE, not on the bottom of this post) and I will take care of the rest!

Second, I want to introduce you to a bit of a project I’ve been working on lately. My personal portfolio website. (I’ll give you a link, just finish reading the post first! I don’t want you to miss out on the best part). It’s a really simple way for future employers/associates to learn who you are and what you’ve done without fumbling around your youtube channel or googling your blog. It’s all in one area, organized and ready to go. Let me know what you think, I’ve only just put it up so I’ll be eager to get some feedback. Nothing is perfect the first time around, so if no one says anything I know you are all avoiding the question.

Finally, my last but probably most entertaining aspect of this post: The 24 Hour Film Contest!

It was hosted by, a New York Competition that travels from city to city seeking out the creative best in everyone and having them produce a 4 minute short with it. To ensure originality, the movie had to follow a certain Theme and contain a certain Surprise Element (action or prop) that they emailed us 10pm friday night. Obsessed. Looking out a Window. Go. Script, Film, Edit, Sign location, music, and talent releases, and hand it all in for 10pm Saturday. I teamed up with Justin Morris, graduate from VFS and manager of the MovieHouse I worked at. He brought in some acting friends he knew and we stayed up til 4am filming. Editing was done from 11-8 the following day, and we handed it in 15 minutes early. Success!

…Oh, you want to watch it? You have to navigate to it yourself! Here, I’ll get you started.

Well I’m sure most of you already left to go check out the movie, but if you are still reading this, Thanks for sticking with me even though I abandoned the blawg all summer unexpectedly. I have a lot of really awesome plans for it this year, so hang around and watch it all unfold!


alex is having an expensive meal. day.


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  1. ERROL MC MILLON says:

    Good stuff Dave all the best


  2. Victoria says:

    Good to see you back:) missed my blawg-breaks. Count this as a yea for the London drafts… True stories are so much more fun!

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