Album of the Week #35:

The creation of an album is a very complicated task. It is not just about writing a bunch of songs and throwing them together on a CD and slapping an intriguing picture for an album cover on the front. That’s like saying to build a house is to take a moving truck full of all your stuff, dump it upside down on a pad of concrete and then building 4 walls around it. It’s beyond useless.

Instead, there is structure to it. Design. Blueprints are made, rooms are adjacent to other rooms according to their purpose, and entrances and exits are planned to where they will be most convenient. Likewise, there is a reason Billy Talent 1 opens with This Is How It Goes. There is a reason Modest Mouse has The Stars Are Projectors clumped in the latter half of The Moon and Antarctica. There is a reason the Raconteurs finish with a story like Carolina Drama on Consolers Of The Lonely. Everything is specifically structured, made to guide you through this journey of music and emotion.

I bring this up because of Our Lady Peace. Their 2010 tour of the latest album Burn Burn is a once in a lifetime experience, revolutionizing concerts as I know them. Most bands, no, all bands do the same thing on tour: sell out the biggest venue they can and stumble through a messy list of their fan-favorite tunes compiled into a 90 minute show, and then get on a bus and do it again the next night in the next big city. Whatever, it works.

OLP is taking my album rant you just read and bringing it to a concert setting. Front to back, they are playing two of their albums live on two separate nights. Instead of taking the ‘journey of music and emotion’ alone in your headphones, you take it with a venue full of people who all know and love the album as much as you do. You take it with the song writers themselves, and watch them perform it right in front of you. In this, they are brought to remember the time in their life that was responsible for this musical creation, and you are brought to remember the time in your life you fell in love with it in the first place.

I can’t even begin to explain what this is like. I mean, the contrast between the first set (playing of the album front to back) and the second set after intermission (a run through of fan-favorites and new songs like most concerts do) is absolutely stunning. The first half is soft calm lighting, the screen behind the stage plays through trippy videos aligning with the music, and the band members are all concentrating hard and trying to recreate the album experience as closely as possible. The word I would use to describe it is intimate. I was in the second back row of the whole venue, by myself, and I’m still using the word intimate.

Then came the second half of the show. Flashy screens emerged from the background, intense light shows started, band members started moving around and just having fun. Their concentration was lost, they’ve played these songs a million times before and this is just another night to them. They played fan-favorite after fan-favorite, and it almost felt dirty. Like, ugh, this is a concert again. Everyone around me just listens to the radio and doesn’t actually know this band at all. I can’t believe that this is what every concert I’ve ever gone to has felt like. Just, incredible contrast.

Album of the Week #35 goes to OLP for this amazing experience last night on their album Clumsy. I can’t wait for tonight when they play Spiritual Machines! link: Our Lady Peace

Album Singles: Clumsy, Supermans Dead, 4am

Dav Suggests: Story of 100 Aisles, Carnival, Clumsy, Big Dumb Rocket

Other Songs (on other albums): Whatever, Life, If You Believe (Spiritual Machines), Naveed, Starseed, (Naveed), Where Are You, The World On A String (Healthy In Paranoid Times), One Man Army, Waited, Theif, Is Anybody Home? (Happiness Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch), All For You, Not Enough (Gravity)


OLP originally formed through an ad former band member Mike Turner placed in Now Magazine. Micheal (now Raine) Maida, a UofT criminology student at the time, was the first to reply. This relationship not only created what is now Our Lady Peace, but also the reason Micheal Maida changed his name to Raine, to avoid confusion with the two Mike’s.


1991 – present, OLP has made 7 studio albums, 1 live album and 2 compilation albums. An 8th studio album is in the works for 2010 or 2011. As far as band members go, Raine Maida and Jeremy Taggart have been there since the beginning. Their sound has drastically changed from Naveed to Burn Burn, but because of this tour, Maida says fans should expect”a lot of stuff (from pre-Gravity albums) creeping its way back into our music.”

Wouldn’t that be AWESOME??


alex is have a hotel day. its the end of the month and i had to kick him out of the condo.


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