Album of the Week #34:

I’m going to need you to open your minds for this week’s music choice. I’ve been holding out on featuring this album because they are slightly off the beaten path of what I usually post; the beaten path being catchy upbeat canadian pop-punk-alternative etc. -(and no, just because I can summarize the majority of my other 33 weeks worth of music in one line doesn’t mean I’m two-dimensional). When in the right mood, I can do hardcore too if I’d like.

Album of the Week #34 is No Warning’s Suffer, Survive. The first band I ever saw in concert. They opened for Sum 41 in Calgary back in 2005 (if i did my math right). My first impression was probably similar to what your first impression is going to be. Loud, lots of yelling, lots of drums, lots of noise. They are classified as hardcore, so what do you actually expect. I was not familiar with their music, so it all came rushing at me and I had no idea what to think of it until it had already blown past. But somewhere, deep down, the tune of a chorus had stuck with me.
Months later, on some late night american radio show, I heard it. I recognized it from the show. Without the concert setting, I could actually hear it for what it was. And I was impressed. What had actually grabbed me was their strong influence from Sum 41 and Linken Park on this latest (and final) album of theirs. They merge the two genres and create a bridge so a fan of one could appreciate the other and vice versa. For me, I think these kind of bands are the best, as they are doorways into other styles of music you wouldn’t normally see yourself appreciating. Who knows what subtle workings these guys did to my subconscious to influence my music personality over the last 5 years

Now just because I wasn’t ready for their style of music at the concert doesn’t mean I didn’t totally enjoy it. No Warnings performance as a band was as tight as it gets, right up there with shows like The Hives. They had 3 guys each on a mic, two of them also multitasking a guitar, and you literally couldn’t follow what was going on. They were all over the place, one person cutting in on a verse so close behind the lead you couldn’t fit paper in that gap. Then the other guy was sliding in words edgewise between it all somehow. It was truly the term “hours of practice” in the flesh. Spectacular.

So just because the energy and noise levels are cranked up a notch this week, don’t let it spook you. Let it play, find that chorus that grabs you. Maybe the next time you hear it you’ll see what I mean. link: No Warning

Album Singles: Bad Timing, Back to Life

Dav Suggests: Bad Timing, No Don’t Think So

The band was originally under the name As We Once Were. Must I point out the irony? Or should I have just left it..
…too late.

Formed in 1998 out of Toronto. Before Suffer, Survive was released, they had three more ‘Hardcore’ album releases, including their first three song demo on a cassete, and the full length album Ill Blood, which some fans consider a monumental piece of the hardcore era.


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