Album of the Week #33:
The way I see it, songs playing on the radio fall into one of three categories.
1. The radio station’s fundamental playlist. These are the 30 or 40 go-to songs that define the particular station itself. They always have been in the rotation, and always will be in the rotation. Bread and butter.
2. This next category, for me, is the most exciting one. It’s those old amazing songs from artists you forget about, or the rare less popular songs from the artists you haven’t forgotten about. Basically, you all of a sudden exclaim: “This song! I haven’t heard it in forever!” and start pointing frantically at the radio dials, as if everyone around you should stop what they are doing and be equally as enthusiastic about it. Those songs.
3. Finally, we have the ever changing ‘Top 20’ category. Here, the songs hit the top of the charts, are overplayed until even the radio DJ himself hates them, and then all of a sudden they disappear. Like a firework. It’s in your face one moment, all loud and bright and whatnot, then it’s just gone. All that’s left is invisible dust camouflaged in the night sky left to fall to the earth, and we instantaneously stop thinking about it. We don’t even realize that it’s gone. There is a whole sky worth of other fireworks distracting us.
Some of my favorite artists fall into this unfortunate 3rd category. Project Orange, The Waking Eyes, The Marble Index, The Fratellis, The Hives, IllScarlett. My list could go on.
Actually, my list will go on. I have another band to add to the list this week as Album of the Week #33.
Hot Hot Heat.
The bands 3rd album Elevator fits the bill perfect for showcasing my point. It has one or two super catchy songs for the radio, as expected. Then there are a few slower songs that follow up the first few for the sappy effect. Standard format. But hidden through it all is a full length album that deserves much more credit than to fall victim of the 15-seconds-of-fame pattern so many albums already do. But what has happened? A summers worth of airtime, and then gone. Off the map, never heard of or talked about again -generally speaking, of course. im sure someone talked about it once or twice since. But you get my point.
This is why there are bloggers like me, bringing it back from the dead for the few seconds that you take to read this, and then the minutes you take to listen to it, and finally the hours you later learn to appreciate it with. But for now, just start by clicking the link: link: Hot Hot Heat

Album Singles: Goodnight Goodnight, Middle of Nowhere, Island of an Honest Man
Dav Suggests: Jingle Jangle, Shame on You, Pickin’ It Up
Other Songs (on other albums): No Not Now (Make Up The Breakdown), Let Me In (Happiness Ltd.)
1995 to present time, this band has been adding and subtracting band members, and their sound has been modifying accordingly each time. Opening for such bands as The Killers, The Foo Fighters, Sloan, Weezer, The Hives, I can say with personal experience that these guys have what it takes to loosen a stiff crowd.
Hot Hot Heat has songs featured in 5 movie soundtracks, 8 tv shows, 4 tv commercials, and 7 video games. That has to be a record or something. Does anyone keep track of these sorts of things? No? Well I’m going to say that breaks a record of some description.
alex is having a weird day.

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