Album of the Week #32:
Album of the Week time again already? Wow, time flies when your schedule seems to be bursting at the seams. Just spent the week in the editing lab finishing up the big project for the year, this weekend I’m volunteering at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference, and this upcoming week I’ll be heading to Vegas for the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters).
But enough about me. Let’s talk about….Album of the Week! You’ll definitely be wanting to checking this one out. Chances are you’ve never heard of it, but trust me, you’re in for a gooder this week. (that word works so well verbally, but in writing it just looks weird. ah well, I’m using it anyway).
First, let me introduce this album by drawing attention to the big name associated with it. Isaac Brock, the voice of and genius behind Modest Mouse, was producer on Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary. The connection is self evident when I now tell you Wolf Parade was first introduced to me by my friend Jack after a discussion we had about how freakin’ jealous I was that he saw Modest Mouse in concert last year. He was 100% correct that I would dig them, but it isn’t just because I’m a Modest Mouse fan. It’s because I’m a fan of plain old, solid, awesome rock’n roll. (again, another word that works verbally but it just feels weird to type it out. sort of. maybe. ignore me.)
…moving on:
This is one of those albums that starts strong and doesn’t slow down for a second, straight through to the last note. If it were possible, it almost grows and builds every second further into the playlist. But it already peaked at the beginning, so it’s essentially just a complete 40 odd minutes of perfection. Like (quite) a few of the bands I write about on here, Wolf Parade has a somewhat unique and unmatchable sound. They kind of stand apart in a really good way in the whole indie rock genre.
Think Modest Mouse with a rough edge. Actually, don’t think. Just listen: link: Wolf Parade
Album Singles: Shine A Light
Dav Suggests: I’ll Believe In Anything, Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, It’s A Curse
Other Songs (on other albums): California Dreamer (At Mount Zoomer)
Formed in 2003, this band is a basically just a huge collaboration by experienced people from other bands. Members histories expand over at least 8 different bands, including some as big as Hot Hot Heat.
Album of the Week is titled Apologies To The Queen Mary. Queen Mary refers to an ocean liner named the Queen Mary, and Apologies refers to an incident involving them getting removed from it for “breaking down the door of a ballroom and staging a violent séance.” …uhhhh, hmm…
alex is having an enormous day.

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