Through the power of strong visuals and well constructed plot, some movies are able to make us feel emotions we would never think possible. Same goes for books, when written in a descriptive and captivating manner. But blog posts??
Well, I can give it a try:
Once upon a time, there was a yogurt container. It was purchased, among others, by Tom on his last trip to Toronto. Unable to finish this one last container, he leaves it in the back of my fridge. Today this lonely unopened yogurt container is retrieved once again by Tom. Only now it is 2 days expired.
Tom comes up with a plan to exchange it for a newer container. The plan is to buy a new one, switch it with the old one, take it back to the store and claim he just bought the expired one, then replace it with another new one. 2 for 1.
Sure, its not the most moral of plans, but the store is probably gonna throw out a few expired ones anyway, so this just lowers that number. Or adds to it. However you look at it…
SO, here’s the story. He goes to buy the first container of yogurt. It’s sold out on the shelf, but there’s a guy refilling that exact shelf luckily. So he grabs one from the yogurt guys cart. All good so far, right?
He buys it, swaps it, and goes back to the store. He shows the yogurt guy that his container was expired, and the yogurt guy lets him grab a new one. Mission accomplished.
With only one catch: The yogurt guy has to unload the whole shelf and double check every expiry date to make sure there aren’t any other expired containers ‘from’ his cart.
How terrible is that? Like, it’s probably one of the saddest endings of a story ever. That poor yogurt guy, just doing his job properly, and then has to go through it all again just because Tom wanted a 2 for 1 deal on 3 dollars worth of yogurt.
And that’s my story.
Did it work? Did you feel sorry for the guy? Did my post make you feel that heartstring-tugging emotion movies and books do??
Almost, not really, but kinda?
I can deal with that.
Anyway, after I heard this story myself, I told Tom that I hope karma comes around and something equally terrible happens to him as what happened to the yogurt guy. But then I realized that that would require someone in the world to be equally as evil. And last I heard, Adolf died 65 years ago.
So no such luck.
Tom beat karma this time. Yogurt guy’s night will just have to be ruined in vain – for the sake of the world. Small price to pay, really. Good-on-ya yogurt guy. Deep down somewhere, I hope you realize it wasn’t actually your fault.
alex had one of those days.
…what a depressing post

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  1. H.Peter says:

    Ehm,why not just eat the expired yoghurt? Expiry dates…..who reads them anymore? They are very arbitrary.The yoghurt guy is fine. Dead end job to begin with.

  2. H.Peter says:

    I taught Lauren a few things that stuck with her…..

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