We used to have a way to describe everything. Like, if the movie was good, we could say “that was entertaining.” Or if the weather was nice, we could say “wow its hot out there.”
But now we have this thing called 3D. And what do we say about it?
“ooh, thats very 3Dish” -no. never use the word you are describing in the description.
“whoa, its coming right at me” -except, its not. next…
“AAAHH” and then scrunch in your seat and close your eyes. -well if that works for you, then go right ahead. drama queen
It seems the english language has hit a barrier here.
So, if you can’t figure out what to say, resort to the next best thing. Leave it up to the children of the world to verbalize it for you. This little kid, who mustn’t have been older than 5 years old, sat beside me in Alice in Wonderland last week. We put on the 3D glasses, and he was quiet for the first few minutes. Probably baffled by what was happening, poor kid. I’m assuming this was probably his first 3D experience though, so I guess I would be baffled too. Actually, if I remember correctly, I think I first tried to reach out and touch it. Anyways, back to my story. This little kid finally decided something had to be said.
“Mom, mom! It’s, it’s, it’s….”
It was at this point he was stuck at the same question I am trying to answer in this post. Then he said
“…it’s in my EYES!!”
I know. It doesn’t make much sense, but I think he’s gone further to describe it than I ever will. I see big things for him in the future. A poet maybe…
Most of the time, I have a negative opinion on all this 3D bs lately. But this just made me laugh, so I figured it was worth a post.
alex is having a hoes before bros day

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