Album of the Week #29:
So I think I got sick today. I blame Toronto’s rain soaking me from head to foot while i walked back to my bus stop this afternoon.
It’s that kind of sick where I don’t exactly have a cold, or a headache, or feel nauseous, or anything really. just tired. and out of it.
-dont worry, this has something about album of the week this week, I’m not just using my blog to complain to you.
When i feel this way, my musical distraction is almost always the same. It just fits my mood and I get away, watch myself from a distance, all those wonderful metaphors.
So….join in with me, crank the volume….and clear your mind…….
Youtube link: Overwhelmed

Album Singles: Overwhelmed
Dav Suggests: (off their Electric album): Temporary, Plucked
This album in particular was inspired by “art, politics, love, hate, life, loneliness, chaos, and Scotch.” Beautiful.
Formed by Joel Shearer back in late 2002 in LA, all band members backed in bands like Gnarles Barkly, Damian Rice, Alanis Morissette, Dido, and Our Lady Peace on tours to gain the publics attention. This is where I first was introduced to them, at an OLP concert. I was out buying merch when Joel Shearer took stage in his solo act, only occassionally accompanied with drums. In retrospect, I wish I didn’t miss the preformance, but at least I gambled and bought their CDs! Following their 2008 release Seidgeist, they were named Deli LA’s Band of the Month in September 08.
If anybody knows where I can get their latest album, Sidegeist, I would be very interested!!
the alex day was claimed by aaron already. and since i dont own the rights to his ‘days’, it would be considered plagiarism if i posted it.
..or, at least that’s what aaron said

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you can buy sidegeist at

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