First, let me put something into perspective for you. Then I shall explain the T24 contest.
(dates are approximate)
13 Dec 5 minute monologue project is introduced on a semester 2 outline

8 Jan – we are encouraged to start thinking of ideas for a script
2 Feb rough draft of script is due
4 Mar – final draft of script is due
13 Mar – two weeks of no school to shoot
24 Mar – (some) rough footage due. two more weeks off school to edit
13 Apr – Official screening
This is all for creating 5 minutes worth of completed film. Now imagine creating 7 – 15 minutes of film in 24 HOURS.
This was my friday night / saturday morning. A few of my friends had entered a Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival contest (t24). I had missed the boat for this, so I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and help them out. 7pm we were given a topic, and 24 hours later, we were to hand in a dvd of our short film.
The topic was Toronto. All the people living in Toronto. All the neighborhoods surrounding Toronto. Essentially, translating from confusing page long University-style essay question, the topic was: What does it mean to be Torontonian?
This vague topic was the go-ahead to make a wide variety of fictional narratives to all 9 groups involved.
The second we started walking to my place, we started brainstorming script ideas. The following 13 hours involved writing script outlines, planning out scenes, ordering pizza, collecting props, shooting, drinking coffee, lugging camera equipment around toronto, timing shoots just right with the sunrise, etc. etc.
8am hit, and Spencer and Anthony finally started putting a few rough scenes together. They had 11 hours to sleep, edit it, and and it in. As for me, my job of acting was done, so I got the chance to sleep all day.
Script is by Anthony and Spencer. Acting by Spencer, Chris, myself, and Anthony.
It was a fun project. Good learning experience. If you watch it and are slightly thrown off by the plots motivating points, just remember it was a 24 hour project, and most of the decisions were made by people (us) that had been awake for 20+ hours already. So yeah, other than that (and by that, I mean other than asking unanswerable questions and complaining), let me know what you think:
Youtube Link: Home Sick
Personally, my favorite part about it is the foreshadowing of the red pillow in the middle of the floor of the extremely green room . It’s kinda hinting something bloody is going to go down eventually.

If you ever thought analyzing ridiculous meanings out of the smallest things in films is all BS, well, this is just proof that sometimes, just sometimes, it isn’t
alex is having an entertaining day. i think.

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