Album of the Week #28:
I haven’t exactly proven it yet, but my theory is that one can only write so many good words in a given period of time. I’m thinking, like, 2000/week or so. Airing on the side of caution, I’m going to say this is true, and therefore make this a short post. So I can write my important 1500 word film essay this week.
Imagine hitting the 2000 mark only 800ish words into my essay? The ONE real piece of work I’ve had to do (and will have to do) all semester? That would be terrible.
So anyway on with my blog.
Just in case you weren’t already tired of hearing about that Canadian city on the west coast these last few weeks, I’m going to talk about it some more. Vancouver. Home of the 2010 winter games.
And Album of the Week artist, Mother Mother.
All I’ve heard about this band has been positive reviews left right and center, so I’ve broken down and made them Album of the Week. It’s the least I could do, really..
Forming in 2005, this band has made a quick rise to the top with their clearly impressive song writing abilities and talent. They take influence from so many different sounds and produce this very unique and never before heard style. Jumpy, fun, free.
I’ve had many recommendations to see them live lately, and finally got the opportunity last weekend in Vancouver on the second last day of the games. On top of everything I expected from the show (high energy, tight sound, etc), there was one new quality that really came through for me. Effortlessness.
Now that I listen to their music again, I notice it there too. These songs I was tapping my feet originally seemed easy and simple. But if you listen closer, they are layered, time signatures are all over the map, so many instruments and sounds adding to it. And its all bundled up in this effortless sounding debut album, Touch Up. In my opinion, this effect makes it that much more enjoyable. Check it out. Hear the easy.
Photos from their Olympic concert last Saturday link: Mother Mother
Album Singles: Touch Up
Dav Suggests: Polonesia, Oh Ana
Other Songs (on other albums): O My Heart, Hayloft, Arms Tonight (O My Heart)
The band actually isn’t from Vancouver, but instead, a small island off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island called Quadra Island. (remember King Karl?? he’s on the neighboring island, Cortes island. what a crazy lol)
The band got their first big break being named one of the top 5 BC bands. From there, they’ve been everywhere. Broadcasted nationally on CBC, playing at both the Vancouver and Montreal International Jazz Festivals, full page review in the Toronto Star, etc. It wasn’t until they were signed with Last Gang Records that they added the second ‘Mother’ to their name (legal reasons, as usual). Since then, they’ve been on tour with bands such as Metric, The Killers, The Most Serene Republic, and released their second (equally awesome) album O My Heart.
So, how am I doing on my goal of not wasting precious words? Hmm, just over 500. Guess my 1500 word paper is going to be a bit short.
Oh well. You’re welcome.
alex hasn’t had a day yet. guess it was a late night last night

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