A whole week with no blogs. Although, it’s seemed like so much longer. I feel so unaccomplished.
Of all the things I thought one could get addicted to, spitting out 500 words of random garble onto a website every 3-4 days was definitely not high on the list.
Guess I was wrong.
But anyway, in my defense of this absence, it was a busy week. Spent the weekend in Vancouver for the end of the Olympics. That was an experience, to say the least. I’ll let the eye of my iPhone tell the rest of the story.

Anyways, I figured since I promised you the link to the documentary project I did a few weeks back, I should post it.
Before I do though, I’m going to give my usual pre-link rant.
Umm, let’s see. It was a documentary. How exciting can it be?
The one guys identity is ‘hidden’ because he wanted it to be. We thought that would kind of add to his ‘character’, so we ran with it.
The Criminal Records Manager, Josh, was great. You can tell this wasn’t the first interview he’s had to do for pesky film students. *cough*
Quick shout out to Pheonix, whose song neatly frames it.
Thats enough out of me. Here’s the link:
YouTube link: Criminal Music
Album of the Week tomorrow! Stay tuned, I’ve lately been surrounded by raving reviews on these guys, and finally broke down and wrote a blog about them.
(and i know i missed it last week, but, like,

remember?? yeahh)
alex is having a thirsty day. for no reason in particular. just because

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