While naming this post, I realized that I don’t think I did a Film School Project #4 blog. Well first I gotta upload it to Youtube. I’ll get on that. Sometime. (you aren’t missing out, it was a documentary, nothing special)

#5 is a commercial. Ours is selling the fictional product called the Fight Club Party Pack. We had a lot of material to squeeze into 30 seconds, but somehow we fit it all in. This kept the pacing fast and ended up actually giving it that ‘commercial’ feel. That part turned out well. Also, there was an unexpected number of people who showed up that were willing to act in it, so that also turned out well.
What could have gone better? Well the narrator recording was too quiet. And some of the scenes could have been lit better. But hey, Fight Club was a dark movie anyways, so we can say we did that on purpose.
Here’s the link. Don’t watch it if you haven’t seen Fight Club. You won’t get it at all.
Youtube Link: Fight Club Party Pack
Oh, and on a side note, remember that bird I saw and blogged about back in november? It looks like someone caught him on video finally! –> Commuter Pigeon Goes To Work
alex is having a happily confused day.

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  1. Ryan says:

    OMG YES! We just talked in Omegle and Fight Club Party Pack is AMAZING.

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