Here’s how this will work. I give you a setting, then you ponder about the question following it. It’s an easy one, I promise.
Setting: Think of the last time you were standing in line. Any line will do, maybe one that was relatively short, full of strangers, etc.
Question: Did you have any urge to start up a conversation with the person in front of you? Is there anything that would make you want to start up a conversation with them? I mean, otherwise you’d only have to look at the back of their head for a short minute or two, so what’s the point, right?
What if I told you there is something in this world that would tempt any average person to interrupt, engage, and be eagerly welcomed into the conversation being had by the strangers in front of them in line. Would you believe me? What if I also told you this ‘something’ could be described in one word. This one word was once an adjective, but now is almost unanimously known as a noun:
I was in Subway today (the sandwich place, not the underground transit system), and Kurtis and I were discussing our opinions on LOST season 6. The girl in line behind us must have recognized a few key words in our conversation and figured out that we were talking about LOST. She piped up right in the middle of our conversation, voicing her opinion and theories on the show as well. Without missing a beat, we gladly accepted her into our debate and continued on like we she was a friend of ours. This lively discussion lasted all the way till we got to the cash register, making it extremely difficult for the Subway workers to grab our attention to ask if we wanted pickles (etc) on our subs.
After we all paid, she shouldered her book bag, said “nice talking with you,” and left.
When else, I ask you, can a random 3 minute conversation with a stranger be as complete and fulfilling as that? I’ll most likely never talk to her again, but while in that lineup, the group of us talked like we knew each other for years. I personally cannot think of any other example where this social phenomenon could take place. Sure, CSI, House, or Two and a Half Men could have just as many viewers as LOST, but you wouldn’t jump in on a conversation about House with random strangers in a Subway line, it just isn’t that kind of show. Similarily, shows like Glee or Dollhouse wouldn’t attract random happenings like this because their fanbase just doesn’t have the size LOST’s does.
I feel I should end a post with the classic reminder “Don’t miss the all new episode airing tomorrow night at 9/8c on ABC, called Lighthouse“, but if you are a fan, then you already have it in your calender, and made sure to clear your schedule for that hour, so it’s a useless reminder.
This is also why I don’t see the point in advertising the show at all, since it’s not like they are going to gain any new viewers in these final 12 episodes of the series.

oh well.

my fingers are all typed out. happy tuesday fellow lost fans


alex is having a worried day


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