Album of the Week #27:
My blog usually focuses on amazing (small) bands, and need to be shared with the world. (and by ‘world’ I mean you, the small beautiful fraction of the world that is reading this.) Other weeks have me reminiscing about a certain albums from our past that deserves remembering. But this week, I am going to try something new. I am going to try and redeem an album. Resurrect it. Bring it back from a fate worse than death: being overlooked.
I know, Billy Talent III is still relatively fresh on your mind, and you may want to argue that you haven’t overlooked it yet. I mean, it only hit the HMV New Release racks mere months ago. Go ahead, tell me that it isn’t on the bottom of your CD pile; argue that it hasn’t moved off of your iPod’s most recently played list. Lie to me all you want, but we both know it’s true. You bought it, took it home, listened to it twice, and then decided it didn’t have the screaming passion of Billy Talent I, or the fast pace of Billy Talent II, so you tossed it aside.
I know this is true because I witnessed countless discussions go in this direction. I know this is true because that is what every music blog has written since it came out.
I know this is true because it was my first reaction too.
I gave up on it after about two or three listens of it, much like most disappointed fans did. It wasn’t up to our expectations, it didn’t meet our standards. But unlike everyone else, my subconscious didn’t let it go so easily. A few memorable moments stuck with me, and occasionally got stuck in my head. There was just something about it that I wasn’t able to forget.
So I decided to go back and give it a second chance. This time, I went about listening to it without expecting another Billy Talent I, but instead I tried seeing it for what it was: an album on it’s own, and not a sequel. This changed everything. All of a sudden it had this depth to it. The amazingly written lyrics were able shine. The manipulative song structure was able to work through me and reveal it’s energy, this time without Kowalewicz screaming it into me like he does in Billy Talent I.
You need to be in the right mood, but trust me, there is more to Billy Talent III that meets the eye. It just doesn’t give the best first impression. Do me a favor. Go dig it out from under the pile of ‘better’ CD’s you have sitting on it and try it again. Turn up the volume and find that underlying genius to the album. It’s there, right behind the wall of false hopes and obstacles of pre-decided expectations you have for it. See it?? link: Billy Talent
Album singles: Rusted From The Rain, Devil On My Shoulder, Turn Your Back
Dav Suggests: Saint Veronica, The Dead Can’t Testify, Diamond On A Landmine
Other Songs (on other albums): This Is How It Goes, Try Honesty (Billy Talent I), Red Flag, Perfect World (Billy Talent II)
Out of Mississauga (just north of Toronto), and originally under the name Pezz, the band now known as Billy Talent is one of the biggest Canadian bands out there today. With 4 albums out, Watoosh (under Pezz) and Billy Talent I to III, they have recieved 16 awards from 42 nominations across a number of competitions, including the Juno Awards.
The name Pezz attracted lawsuit threats from an American band of the same name, so they were forced to change their name. Billy Talent comes from a character (guitarist) Billy Tallent in the novel Hard Core Logo by Micheal Turner, which was later turned into a film by Bruce McDonald.
Hmm, could be worth looking into, just for curiosities sake.
….there, it’s on my Ziplist.
alex says “so long and thanks for all the fish”
let’s pretend it’s just a reference to the movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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