Album of the Week 25:
25 is a big number. Double it for 50, quadruple and it’s already at 100. I only have do 25 posts 39 999 more times to hit one million Album of the Week posts.
Ok, maybe 25 isn’t really THAT big of a number. But still, it’s a milestone nonetheless.
So I’m going to have fun with it. Stray from the path a bit. Throw a curveball, perhaps.
But before I get into this album, I am going to start out defensively. Knowing what I know, and a quick glance of research of this artist has made me realize how easily this post could get awkward. It could start making you wonder about me, wonder when I went all emo on you guys, wonder how long I’ve been supporting this …er, stuff. Well I’ll say it now. The music is amazing, but the rest of it questionable, to put it lightly.
I mean, bodysuits? Well, I guess his clothes aren’t any more normal. And as for his face? Who know the last time it’s properly seen daylight without a thick layer of goth makeup covering it. Ugh, too much for me, guy. Cree-pyy.

Now that I am done posting a lovely collage of exactly what I was trying NOT to post about, I shall begin:
Marilyn Manson’s Lest We Forget is a ‘greatest hits’ type album. While I am not overly enthusiastic about his whole discography of 7, I am quite intrigued by the crème de la crème. As a whole, this compilation is actually an interesting sample of his unique style. A surprising amount of songs on here are covers, and in my opinion, are some of the best covers of these songs. Tainted Love, for example, or Sweet Dreams, are two he is famous for. Both of these songs have been recreated again and again, and we all have our own version of these songs we prefer. I just think his style fused with these classic songs works really well. Kinda like how Paint It Black was never meant to be sung by the Rolling Stones in the first place, and instead by that new metal-ish version airing on the radio these days.
Most of his lyrics are a little off the deep end in the pool of angry, but really, what would you expect. The music itself is heavy in style, but well done nonetheless. Everybody’s heard Beautiful People, or Personal Jesus, so despite his wardrobe and reputation, he still made a few hits acknowledgeable by the general public, and not just his gothic following. That in itself is an achievement worth noting I think.
I feel I’m being too defensive about actually seriously digging this album, so I’ll shut up now. Here’s the link. Put your opinions and the scarring images i just showed you aside for a second, and just take a listen. link: Marilyn Manson.

Album Singles: Personal Jesus

Dav Suggests: The Fight Song, This Is The New Shit, Rock Is Dead

Other Songs (on other albums): If I Was Your Vampire, Heart Shaped Glasses (Eat Me, Drink Me)
Besides his band (started in 1989) reaching platinum status with 3 of their albums, and gold with another 3, Marilyn Manson himself has also sprinkled his career with film and even painting. He made various cameos in movies throughout the last decade, as well as being interviewed by Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine and even being reportedly an inspiration for Johnny Depp’s character Willy Wonka in the film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Quite the bio for someone just expressing anger with too much makeup.
The name Marilyn Manson actually originated out of combining the names of actress Marilyn Monroe and convicted murderer Charles Manson. The person behind the ridiculous stage personality’s name is Brian Hugh Warner. Huh, he doesn’t really come off as a ‘Brian’ to me. You?
…wow. What a messy post. Describing Marilyn Manson’s greatest hits with a classy term like crème de la crème? Then, slightly bashing the Rolling Stones?? I’m quitting before I get myself in trouble.

alex is having a slipper-envy day.

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  1. aaronrgod says:

    Maybe some day someone will cover your posts in a new style.

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