So just short of posting to the world my every financial detail, I am going to go through how the next three months are going to play out for my poor little credit card.

May 10th, I am on a plane to Europe for 9ish days with a school-related trip. somehow, I am going to keep a solid 300 tucked away for spending money on that trip. I was looking at my bank account the other day, and after rent and all those other expected bills, I am left with a number.

Let’s call it X.
At first glance, X seems like a fairly reasonable number. X needs to pay for my food and any other miscelaneous spending that is most likely going to happen over the next 3 months. so I took X, put aside the 300 dollars going to Europe, and divided the rest evenly among February, March, and April.

Let’s call this number Y.
Y is slightly more intimidating than X. Keeping in mind TTC passes went up in price in 2010, Y is looking rather unfriendly actually. This is when I came up with my BuzzLightyear Budget!

Yes, there is logic behind this and it is not just a fancy title. I’ll explain. Normally, I let my bank freefall and hope for the best landing. but this time the landing looks like an unforgiving slab of concrete with no spending money in europe and starting the summer in a nice pile of debt. Not this time. Now, I am going to watch those numbers start “Falling With Style”!

Dividing up Y one last time by 4 into a weekly estimate of spending money (let’s name it one last time Z, for buZZ) keeps it managable and within an easy-to-keep-track of timeframe. Every week, I have to limit my spending money to Z. With the help of a simple (free) iphone app to keep track, this comfortably leaves room for food and a bit extra to keep in my pocket for those pesky everythings that life seems to charge you for. But what it doesn’t do is let me blow dollar after dollar on that overpriced cup of bubbletea or that 6 dollar movie I only kind of like on the clearence rack.

so, Falling With Style: My money will now be balancing on the hotwheels car as it shoots to the bouncy ball that rockets it towards the toy spinning-plane on ceiling, that spins it around at super speeds. The helmet turns intense colors and makes unrealistic jet-engine noises as unclips from the plane and it flies successfully back to me, landing softly back on the mattress beside me.

Well, let’s see if this actually works. I think that just being aware of it will help me get there. Hey, even Buzz was able to fly himself and Woody past the moving van going highway speeds to finally plop neatly through the sunroof of Andys van in the end. Happy ending garanteed.
I think..


alex is having a new passport day. It needs to be broken in.

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