Album of the Week #24:
So, I don’t know if any of you keep track, but I usually post one of these every calendar week, Saturday night being the deadline. But the last two weeks, I’ve gotten busy and not posted until early the next week, like Sunday, or now, Monday?? . Terrible. I should start calling them Album of NEXT Week. Ugh.
Well actually, now that I think about it. I’m pretty positive none of you noticed. And now that I tell you, you probably still don’t think it matters at all. At this point, I’d imagine you are thinking, what is he even on about??
K, so enough bad jokes about irrelevant topics. I shall move on.
Album of the Week: Quiet Company.
A funny thing has happened over the last 6 months that I’ve been posting this. People have been telling me about all sorts of good music. My musical sources seem to have quadrupled themselves. Not that I didn’t already have a list of way too many albums to blog about already, but the list seems to be growing rather than diminishing as I continue posting these. Just goes to show, giving is receiving. I tell the world about music, and the world decides to tell me about equally as awesome music. I’ll take it!
This particular album, Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon, was given to me in early December or so -thx Sam!, and since then it has made a fairly regular appearance on my playlist. A little more on the mellow end of my usual Album of the Week list, it is definitely not any less genius. This piano-rock band at first, sounds like all the others, but as you keep listening, it reveals itself as something more. The songwriting has a knowledge to it. Instead of an album that lucks out and stumbles upon one or two catchy tunes, the tracklist takes a bunch of average songs and builds them into really well done pieces of music.
Each song with it’s own personality, the album moves along by keeping you interested in the moment, and before you realize, it’s done. The lyrics go well with their calm style. Don’t get me wrong though, they can turn on the energy, but just when it’s needed. Try it out. It’s definitely worth a listen. link: Quiet Company

Album Singles: Seal My Fate

Dav Suggests: It’s Better To Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than To Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money, Well The Truth Is…, Congratulations Seth & Kara

Other Songs (on other albums): Fashionabel (Shine Honestly)
After the many projects Taylor Muse had going on in Texas, he moved to Nashville where he picked up a few new bands. Quiet Company is his personal side project he has going on.

Wikipedia is down. I got nothin guys.
Unless you count the fact that I claimed’s 40 000th’s search with this band today. Yea? yea?
naw…hardly a fyfeblawg ‘fun’ fact. I’ll do better next week.
alex is having a missing day.

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