I have to confess something. I’m not one of you.
I’m not part of your generation. The ‘MTV generation’ as they call it.
Well, I am, but I’m not. I never actually watched MTV growing up. It’s a wonder really that I’m as much of a music person that I am. But anyways, yeah, not an MTV kid. And I’ve realized what this detail has done to me. I can’t watch a music video and listen to the music at the same time. Im literally incapable.
It could be that I’m a film student, and I can’t help but back-seat direct anything I see. Haven’t ruled that out yet. But either way, it’s true. If I see it visually, I don’t hear it properly.
Confirming this theory was easy. I was shown -by, of course, tom the new Ok Go single (WTF?) first on Youtube, mainly because the music video is pretty crazy. But during the many times that I watched it, I never once picked up on the fact that it’s actually a really good song. All I saw was the crazy video. It wasn’t until I bought the CD and actually listened to it without the visuals did I notice the song itself. It’s one or the other, I’m telling you.
Sight, or sound.
Curse, or blessing? I dunno. I was never really a fan of the music video thing. Sure, if you like a song, its kinda neat to see what they’ve done with it visually. But first impressions need to be made with a nice set of headphones and absolutely nothing to concentrate your eyes on. Otherwise, the song just doesn’t sink in. You don’t properly connect with it; you don’t understand it; you don’t hear it for what it is.
There’s a fyfeblawg life lesson for you. If you learn nothing else from me, then at least learn this:
Appreciate your music to its fullest. It is one thing that you will never, ever regret.
alex is having a graceful day.
–ask the shopping cart that ran him over. sorry, that he ran himself over with, rather.

2 responses »

  1. bloggerx says:

    so how do you like the rest of the album??

  2. fyfedawg says:

    I'm actually really digging it. And you were right, skyscrapers is the best on there

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