Album of the Week #23:
Now here is a band that I have been wanting to include in this golden list of Album of the Weeks for a while now. Having no idea when or where I actually heard about them, (let alone bought their album), they literally just crept up on me. I remember the exact moment I first gave them a listen though. Kinda like love at first sight. Except with your ears.
It was may 2008, exam week was in full force upon us, and I was in the basement of my rez building studying for a calculus exam. My iPod was in shuffle, and the song Returning The Smile You Have Had From The Start just randomly came on.
I thought to myself, ‘Wow this is amazing. What is it??’ Turns out Emery had somehow snuck onto my iPod without me realizing. I must have bought their album off a recommendation forever ago and just forgot to actually listen to it when it got pushed lower on the priority list than the more-anticipated buy at the time.
My mistake.
This should have been at the top of the priority list. The album is solid. You could relate it to Alexisonfire for their style, but it stands apart in so many ways. The songs are slightly more, umm, catchy i guess. Its hard to describe. There’s a lot more of the ‘singing’ and less screaming, but the screaming is still in the right places for intensity. What really does it for me is the drums. They really take center stage on this album. I know I comment every other blog about how the drums are amazing, but they really are this time. Here’s the Eyeball link. link: Emery

Album Singles: Studying Politics

Dav Suggests: Playing with Fire, Listening to Freddie Mercury, The Terrible Secret, Returning the Smile You Have Had From The Start

Other Songs (on other Albums): The Party Song, You Can’t Stop The Killer (I’m Only A Man)

Originally from South Carolina, the band moved to Seattle, WA for a more music-friendly environment. It worked too, they signed with the Tooth & Nail Records soon after the move, and released 4 Albums since then: The Weak’s End, The Question, I’m Only A Man, and …In Shallow Sea’s We Sail. I personally can only speak for the middle two, but they are good enough for me to look into the other ones.
So it’s called ‘The Question’, but what is the question? Written on the backside of the jewelcase is the sentence “Where were you when I was…” and each track title provides a unique second half to this question. Ex: Where were you when I was…. Returning The Smile You Had From The Start; Where were you when I was…. In a Lose, Lose Situation; etc.
Huh.. cool!

Speaking of revealing reasons for things, I thought I’d mention what bbb and fff stood for:
bbb: Brief Band Bio
fff: Fyfeblawg Fun Fact

Now you know.


alex is having a small shoe day

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