Double-takes are funny things. Your eyes scan an area, and your brain processes thousands of pieces of information. Most of this information is automatically labeled as useless and uninteresting, so it doesn’t even reach conscious thought.
But then there is one piece that gets flagged as possibly interesting. The information processing comes to a screeching halt and instead your brain analyzes what it has flagged. A split-second thought that can only be described in 1000 words figures out why it was ‘interesting’, and during this split second, your eyes slowly rewind to focus on whatever it was in the first place.
This happened to me today.
I aimlessly scanned the crowd waiting for a train downtown. The 1000-word thought in the middle of my double-take could be summarized as follows: whoa, was that Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe O’Brian) from 24??
I actually believed this for a split second in my head. Don’t ask me why, but I did.
Turns out the girl looked nothing like Mary Lynn Rajskub. Well, I thought, then what made her image get flagged in my aimless scan? –It was her posture. And her expression. It’s funny how a character on a TV show can be so well developed that some random person waiting for a train reminds you of them just by standing a certain way.
Anybody that has watched 24 knows what I’m talking about. That stiff-yet-slouched posture with the scowl on her face that is somewhere between scared and frustrated, but neither of the two at the same time. Here,

another thing that is said to be 1000 words. A picture. Saves me trying to describe to you what I’m getting at. The only difference between this picture and the girl at the station, besides the fact that they look nothing alike, is that instead of a cell phone, there was a coffee in her hands. Well that, and she was in a train station, not CPU Headquarters.

For the record, I am not watching the new season of 24. To be honest, I don’t know who is. But hey, there has to be an audience or it wouldn’t be airing, right?
I tried. I really did. But just like last year, the first hour just didn’t grab my attention enough to make me come back the following week. So it isn’t happening.

That’s ok though, I have LOST to watch this year. Both the new season and my fast paced re-watching of the series with Lauren to catch her up….cuz, lets face it. If you are dating a LOST fan, the only choice you really have in the end is to join them, right Lauren? ;p


alex is having a natural colored hair day. –guess the (random) red hair dye didn’t work as expected.

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  1. Josh M says:

    The mere thought of watching every episode of lost over makes me increasingly tired, irritable and antisocial. Much like the thought of homework. It'll just remind you of every single freaking flaw left unexplained in the plot, as well as remind you of just how many hours you ALEADY wasted watching these episodes weekly (nevermind the fact that you are doing it all over again now)…I'm so pumped for the new season to start :Dhahaha

  2. fyfedawg says:

    I agee. as I am rewatching it (I'm on season 3 now) I am finding ALL these things they just don't bother answering. There is noo way season 6 can wrap up everything. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cues have a podcast for the show, and that kinda gives you an idea of what they think is answerable, and what was just thrown in there as filler. It's actually a good listen, for the most part

  3. Right dav ;pActually, I cannot wait to get through all the seasons, and then re-watch to see what I missed. Although wouldn't you agree I'm pretty good at pointing out a lot of fine detail already?Hehe, you know if we REALLY had tried we could have gotten through all the seasons before Feb 2nd. But I love LOST, maybe more than I love you…just kidding!

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