So….Sudoko. Not to be confused with Sodoku, a bacterial disease you get from rats scratching and biting you. -some combination of math squares and rats brings this visual to mind:
What’s the deal?? It’s a big magic square. It’s that bonus question on the back of the crumpled piece of math homework we forgot to do in grade 5.
It’s the big new thing.
Besides featuring in some french newspapers in the late 19th century for a decade or so, some nerdy magazine in 1979, and japan in the 80’s, Sudoku has only really ‘hit the fan’ in the last 5 years. -another visual for you:
The backsides of funnypages worldwide have been taken over by this phenomenon of a logic puzzle. I ask you this though…since when do games become ‘hits’?? Weezer Songs are ‘hits’. Tarantino films are ‘hits’. Hell, lets even call Harry Potter books ‘hits’. But logic puzzles? Not really fitting in for me.
I’m not completely hating on it. I’ve filled out a Sudoku puzzle in myself moments of complete boredom too. I even have the free iPhone app. Just..afterall, I think deep down, even tho I know I’m wrong, I hope it’s just a fad. In 1924, there were people like me expecting (hoping) for the same thing when crosswords took over the backs of funnypages too. But alas, they are still here today. Just like Sudoku will be 85 years from now.
What gets me about it (and what inspired me to write this blog post actually) is the vibe you get from the people filling them out on the train next to you. They have this i’m-smarter-than-you thing going on ever so subtly in their body language (crossworders have this too, but thats ok because they are smarter than me), mixed in with the ooh-look-at-me-i’m-being-cool-by-doing-the-newest-trend air about them. And what’s worse, is the older generation (who, I might add, have the majority of their population stubborn enough to proudly never learn something as straightforward as how to send an email) will pick up the newspaper and take the time to learn how to do this puzzle.

I know this statement quite obviously won’t reach the relevant audience it’s directed at, but I’m going to say it anyways:
Trust me senior citizens, computers are much simpler than Sudoku. Just saying.
alex is having a small feet day.

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