Album of the Week #22:
Ok. I am going to give you this link, but after you click it, you have to come straight back. Not because I want you to read the rest of my blog, I could care less. I am calling you back here so you don’t play the game too long. 5 minutes of it makes you seriously dizzy. I decided I would write my Album of the Week right now solely based on the reason that I couldn’t take it anymore.
But yeahh, here’s the link. Don’t get sick on me. Or, on your computer I guess..
Album of the Week #22, another one of my extremely catchy, high energy bands. What separates this weeks band from other extremely catchy, high energy bands I’ve reviewed (Week #2, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13 and 15), is their creativity. They shot themselves to the top by the instant success from the viral nature of their music videos of A Million Ways, and Here It Goes Again. The band is Ok Go.
The proof behind my theory doesn’t end here either. When I saw them play at the House Of Blues in San Diego on my way to Australia was something else. Song after song, the screen on stage played crazy videos of blurry raindrops on a windshield driving around a city at night, videos of band members spinning a high-impact camera around on a 15 foot rope. For their song What To Do, they preformed it completely with a set of about 20 bells, each band member responsible for 4 or so. Check out the video someone posted of it. This is again, just proof that they are super creative.
Even though they just released their latest album (last tuesday) Of The Blue Color Of The Sky, its too early for me to actually talk about it like I know what I’m talking about. So I’m going to talk about their previous album. Oh No. It has everything from high energy radio singles to slow emotional ballads. The singing style is unique and grows on you. Definitely worth a listen. Or a watch, since it is, afterall. link: Ok Go

Album Singles: A Million Ways, Here It Goes Again, Invincible

Dav Suggests: Do What You Want, It’s A Disaster

Other Songs (on other albums): Get Over It (Ok Go), WTF? (Of The Blue Color Of The Sky)

12 years ago, the band Ok Go emerged from Chicago. Since then, they have released 3 albums, Ok Go, Oh No, and Of the Blue Color Of The Sky. Each album has a unique yet consistent sound, reaching as far as 25th on the US Rock charts. The two music videos I mentioned above have received many awards, including a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video.
Ok Go appeared on the film I Love You Man in the end credits as the band playing at the wedding alongside Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. CRAZY

alex is having a normal feeling day. abnormal as it sounds.

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  1. bloggerx says:

    skyscrapers off the new album is just amazing… my fav from the new album

  2. fyfedawg says:

    agreed. this one stuck out for me as well

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