I am back in Toronto. I am back to school. I am back to spending 10 weekly hours on the TTC, thinking only about you. My blog readers. My blog topics that will best entertain you. The blog entries that will help you do whatever you are doing reading this. Searching for a rare laugh. Procrastination. Obligation. Anything.

So, storytime:

Sitting on the subway, and I’m tired, as usual. The game on my phone isn’t quite killing the time like I hoped it would. I look around to see what everyone else is occupying themselves with. Some are reading a book, others are staring blankly out into the dark tunnel ahead. All of a sudden, the guy standing in front of me undoes he belt buckle. His pants drop, and he quickly shoves them in his bag. There he is, in his boxers, casually waiting for the train to come to a stop so he could get on. You look around and half a dozen other people are doing the same thing. The train stops, and they all get off. It starts moving agian, and another half dozen people take of their pants and repeat the process. I think to myself, what is going on??
Wait. Let me quickly correct the narration standpoint for the continuation of the blog. I am one of the ones taking off my pants.
We all met at Queens Park. ImprovEverywhere‘s Facebook group says there was almost 2500 confirmed guests showing up. Quick, basic instructions were given to all of us, and we quickly headed to the nearest train station.

Once we were all on the platform, the whole group boarded their assigned traincar. We played tetris, held innocent conversation, and stared boredly out the window, as any passenger would. Gradually, station by station, people stared taking off their pants, shoved them in their bags, and walked off the train, just to catch the next one with no pants for shits and giggles. Soon it was our turn.

We got off the train as expected, receiving the weird looks we were hoping for, but stayed in character enough not to respond to them. Just as our train was leaving, Alex (who had all our pants in his bag) decided to jump back on the train we (Lauren, Tom and I) just got off of.

So there we were, at a random train station with no pants. No bag that could have had our pants. Just us, and our coats. This was my second favorite part of this whole experience. The fact that the three of us plainly had no pants, and nothing to show for it. We weren’t holding them, we didn’t have a stuffed backpack, we simply had no pants on the TTC and no excuse for it.

My first favorite part of the experience is as follows. We board the next train, highly populated with pant-less people already. As we rode through the next few stations, the ratio was getting worse and worse for the people wearing pants. It got to the point where you swore the people that got on that were wearing pants, felt rediculous. Like they shouldn’t have put on a pair of pants that morning to begin with. These expressions were extremely priceless, and actually quite unexpected. I was expecting more ‘WTF’ related expressions. but hey, who can predict these things.
Here’s the official Flickr pictures from the event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hc916/sets/72157623060568337/
So anyways, back to our story. Luckily, I live directly above a train, the platform only separated from an elevator to my floor by a small ground level mall-type thing. And by ‘luckily’, I mean that all we had to do was walk through this mall-type area with no pants, after we left the TTC station.
After we got bored of riding the train full of pantless people, we decided to get off and board the next train, where we were the only pant-less people. Here, we only got confused looks. Guess it didn’t make as much sense if there wasn’t a train full of us. hahaha.
It wasn’t as embarrassing as you’d think, actually. The funny looks we got were amazing. We even had one girl take a picture with the three of us. Like we were Mickey Mouse and his gang in Disneyland or something.
ImprovEverywhere is a pretty interesting group. For further entertaining projects like this, check out this link (where I first found out about them) and maybe even add this site to your RRS feed reader, right alongside my blog.
right?? ;p
alex is having a pancake sunday day. well, yesterday. since it was sunday. and we were hungover from the crazy party we hosted.

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  1. Margo_0 says:

    I remember when I used to do stuff with Improv Everywhere/Improv In Toronto.. I sang on the subway, among other things aha. It's good fun.

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