Album of the Week #21:
The first 2010 Album of the Week is (poetically) dedicated to the first album I listened to this year. Not on purpose tho. It just kinda came out of left field and hit me like a rock. No, not a baseball. A rock. You’d be expecting a baseball coming out of left field.
New Years Eve, we hit up the local concert, had our drinks, did the whole countdown/kissed my girlfriend thing, went out and found a good fix of late night chinese food, dropped Sam off back home, and that’s when it happened. Lauren fell asleep, and I was left with the long drive home and an extremely good sound system turned up as loud as I wanted (Lauren can sleep through anything. I’m starting to think, the louder the music is, the better she doesn’t hear it.)
Worry Rock comes up on shuffle, and I think to myself, now there’s a good song. Let’s listen to the album in it’s entirety. I realized I hadn’t done this in forever when I was baffled at the tracklist. Song after song, old Greenday classics are just lined up in a row effortlessly. Nimrod is like a greatest hits mix of the 90’s. Except it was just Greenday’s 5th major album release. There was a lot riding on them to follow up their albums Dookie and Shenanigans, but in my opinion, they did better than anybody expected. Double Platinum in both the States and in Canada. link: Greenday

Album Singles: Hitchin’ A Ride, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Redundant, Nice Guys Finish Last

Dav Suggests: Scattered, Worry Rock, Uptight,Prosthetic Head

Other Songs (on other albums): Basket Case (Dookie), Brain Stew (Insomniac), Minority (Warning), Holiday (American Idiot)

Formed in 1987, Greenday has mostly been consistent with three main members. Billy Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. They were part of the huge punk scene coming out of California in the 90’s, including Blink 182 and The Offspring, for example. These were their peak years, in my opinion. Say what you want about their latest few albums, but my blog – my opinion. But yeah, anyways. The major success story starts with their debut label album Dookie, and strongly followed up with Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning, each reaching multi-platinum levels in Canada, the States, Australia and the UK. Basically, a huge band of our time, proving over and over agian that they know how to make popular music.

the song Reject is essentially the response to a complaint letter Billy Armstrong wrote to the Grandma of one of his young fans who bought their last album Insomniac. Apparently she didn’t like him singing their ‘explicit’ lyrics around the house.

Some peoples Grandma’s.
alex is having a ‘arguing with his liver’ day.

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