One year ago tomorrow was an interesting time in my life. I had recently gone through with a last minute decision to drop engineering a year and a half into my program. Another thing that was happening in my life was I was in a band called Impact Outfit. No, these two things aren’t related. I wasn’t one of those people that thought school was below me. I didn’t think my band was all I needed. It just happened to all take place at the same time. I swear. It made for a great Facebook status tho.

David Fyfe signed the papers to drop out of university and is now on his way to band practice…how many times can one truthfully put that as their fb status in their life

The next day was our first (and only) gig. It was a battle of the bands for UofT. We didn’t place in the top 3, but Jake got an honourable mention singing the first two songs. Each band was only given 20 minutes of stage time…and, this was probably a good thing, since we only had 3 concert-ready original songs.
Here are the YouTube links. My personal favorite is the last one we did, Buttons Batteries and Vitamins.
It was actually insanely fun. Unfortunately, after this, Aaron got super busy with the engineering and I kinda lived mostly in Calgary for the semester.
Hmm. I can’t believe it’s been this long. We should jam again sometime.
alex is having a fat leg day

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