Album of the Week #20:
It was christmas. So I was allowed to miss last week’s weekly post of Album of the Week. Fair? Fair.
I apologize. It won’t happen again.
Second. It is now New Years Eve. Radio Stations are playing countdown tapes of the top [insert FM frequency of the station here] songs of the year. We are bombarded by the songs that were overplayed and artists we’ve heard too much from already this year. So to stay consistent with this theme, I’m going to review a fairly popular (almost overplayed) band as well.
Rise Against.
Here is a band, formed in 1999, that has taken the last 10 years and made them their own. Band of the decade, if you will. Not convinced? Here, let’s (alphabetically) look at the other contenders.
Alexisonfire – great band, huge following, and those who like them love them. But their music just isn’t geared towards a big enough audience. Its the genres fault, not theirs. Australia loves them thought, that has to count for something.
Arctic Monkeys – Favorite Worst Nightmare was solid, but the two albums surrounding it only had good moments
Billy Talent – Strong debut album, but slowly lost it in their efforts on their latest 2 albums.
Blink 182 – Gotta love them, but just too 90’s punk to be a millennium band. That, and they broke up for a while. Not cool.
Foo Fighters – Too many overplayed songs per album. And despite being decent music, there is just too much of it, and they got boring. Plus, they peaked in the 90’s
Greenday – Again, peaked in the 90’s. And they kinda were selling out recently. When I say recently, I mean American Idiot onwards.
The Hives – Very close contender, but just not the chart-topping, venue filling name to be widely recognized as band of the decade.
Incubus – Lots of talent in this band, but their fan base is split between their material from the late 90’s and the material off their latest two albums.
The Killers – Again, amazing debut album, but after that they slowly wandered into the ‘pop’ genre, and that is unforgivable.
Kings of Leon – Um. Fan haters. ‘nuf said.
Linkin Park – Another very close contender. Minutes to Midnight just didn’t do it enough for me, didn’t have the same energy as Hybrid Theory or Meteora.
Metric – Good, catchy, consistent. Just not big enough to be ‘decade’ material.
Modest Mouse – If I was king of the world, they would be band of the decade, century, maybe even all time. But its not my world….I dunno. I’m just going to say that ‘decade’ is too small of a title for them.
Muse – Ok they are big. They sound like nothing else before or after them. They are the best live performance ever. When it is this close though, it just comes down to personal preference. and this is my list. So it comes down to my personal preference. No offense Muse fans, go make your own list and put them ontop.
Our Lady Peace – Cool group for sure, but, there’s something to be derived from the fact that their 09/10 tour is based on playing full albums from 97 and 99. Justsaying.
Pearl Jam – Yeah they had some good stuff this decade. but they formed in 1984. Come on.
Queens of the Stone Age – Overall a solid band. None of their albums stood out to me though. Just bits and pieces.
Radiohead – Like I said for Muse, they are huge, they could be your band of the decade. But they aren’t mine. I have to say tho, they are growing on me lately.
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium was amazing, but Californiacation was made in the 90’s. This list is about post-2000 bands. Give the little guys a chance
The Strokes – I’m going through the list and there are so many close contenders. The Strokes, with 3 solid albums, fit the time frame and everything. So I’m going to have to give them 2nd place.
Waking Eyes – Too canadian. too small. Still worth mentioning though, in my opinion. I guess thats why I did.
The Weakerthans – Maybe the canadian band of the decade. However, it’s only been the latest two albums that really grabbed my attention.
Weezer – I feel like a broken record. They peaked in the 90’s (94 to be exact) with The Blue Album. That voids anything they’ve done this decade.
Yellowcard – last but definitely not least, Yellowcard was a big band this decade. Ocean Avenue was unbeleivable, and the two followups, Lights And Sounds, and Paper Walls were decent, but they set the bar too high early on, and are paying for it now. Well, right now they’re on hiatus, but you know what I mean
Hmm…This blog was supposed to be about Rise Against. Well, I can quickly sum it up for you. Rise Against didn’t fall to any of these other bands faults. All three (mainstream) albums were consistent and solid. (i can’t speak for their previous two independent recordings, since I haven’t actually heard them). They didn’t break up (or go on haitus). They didn’t peak in the 90’s. They are big enough to actually call them the band of the decade.
I assume most of you are familiar with The Sufferer & The Witness and Appeal To Reason, so I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about their less popular album Siren Song Of The Counter Culture. Released in 2004, it was the bands first project with a major label. The album is equally as good as the following two. Their strong point is mixing loud energy with catchy tunes and intriguing lyrics. Their live performances are as tight as they sound on the CDs, and they can draw a crowd when they want. On each of the albums, they are able to contrast fast loud and upbeat songs with acoustic works that make you hang on every word and note. In the example of this album, fast songs like To Them These Streets Belong contrast pieces like Swing Life Away. Check it out. Here’s the link: link: Rise Against
Album Singles: Give It All, Swing Life Away, Life Less Frightening
Dav Suggests: To Them These Streets Belong, Tip The Scales, Swing Life Away, Dancing For Rain
Other Songs (on other albums): Prayer of the Refugee, Worth Dying For (The Sufferer & The Wittness), Savior, Entertainment, The Dirt Whispered (Appeal To Reason)
Ok. Happy New Year for real this time. See you on the other side.
alex is having a small day.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I am glad Muse is on your list somewhere. They are definitely my band of the decade.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tsk tsk tsk – I never expected you to put down Blink. . I remember, like grade six, Daniel and you said "you can never have too much Blink". And also. . . Our Lady Peace – you have their drumstick, can't put them down either. Rise Against as band of the decade? Hmm….. (P.S. Guess who ;p)

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