Sometime between the years 2002 and 2006, there was a bird that somehow crawled into a wall in the middle of my old house. Chimney to attic, attic to small crack, small crack to inside the wall. We heard him every night, flapping around, for a few days. Finally it stopped. Maybe he made it out.. but I doubt it.
I’m starting my last blog of the decade with this story of a bird for a few reasons. Among them, one reason is to reminisce. Two of my favorite blog posts this year (both to write, and to read) are about birds. So why not do a shout out?
Anyways, it is now 7 odd years after the bird stopped moving, and we are renovating the old side of my house. All the walls are coming down.

I will most likely find the bird. Not today though. No, not even this year. Finding out if the bird made it out will be one of my first adventures in 2010…in the next decade.
This got me thinking, what else happened to me in the first 10 years of the 21st century? Well, among other things,
I remember growing up.
I remember traveling an hour into the city just to go to junior high.
I remember learning french in 2 years, and forgetting it even faster.
I remember dissecting a frog.
I remember driving home after first getting my license.
I remember my aunt teaching me to drive standard for 10 minutes every day after school.
I remember buying my first car.
I remember my first (and only) speeding ticket.
I remember taking apart the whole engine with my dad to replace the clutch.
I remember the day Alex rolled it.
I remember working nightshift for a summer.
I remember spending every friday night in high school going to the movies.
I remember getting a job at the Cochrane Movie House.
I remember throwing my first party at my house, with over 150 of my closest friends (as my dad likes to say).
I remember moving to Toronto.

I remember jumping on the bandwagon.
I remember the being part of the sea of red in the Saddledome
I remember watching the Calgary Flames make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.
I remember them losing it on my birthday.
I remember buying my first CD with a gift card my grandma gave me.
I remember my first concert. Sum 41.
I remember buying my drumset.
I remember learning Jet’s ‘Cold Hard Bitch’ as my first song on them.
I remember playing at Lee’s Palace with my band.

I remember winning a math competition and placing extremely well nationally in grade 11.
I remember taking this confidence and letting it guide me into starting a career in engineering.
I remember trying to put that life behind me and telling my two (electrical engineer) parents that I was purposefully dropping out of engineering to go to film school.
I remember my first week at Humber.
I remember getting lost with my sister in China.
I remember traveling all over Europe after high school.
I remember going to see Teja’s home in India after my first year in engineering.
I remember flying to Australia to check out what Alex had been up to for a year down there.
I remember the open bar in Jamaica with Tom, Lauren and Kelly.
I remember drawing comics and posting them on the internet.
I remember playing RollerCoaster Tycoon.
I remember downloading MSN Messenger for the first time.
I remember my uploading music to my first MP3 player.
I remember joining Facebook.
I remember the bird flapping in the wall.
I remember starting a blog.
As the sound of this decade flapping its wings disappears, a whole new set of adventures begins. We will rip down wall and see what last decade has done for us. At the same time, we will rebuild another wall and let a whole new story begin. The platform to build our new stories is here. We just have to wait and let them happen.
Happy New Years everyone. Thanks for reading.
-dav –
p.s…I lied. This isn’t the last blog of 2009. Album of the Week will be posted tomorrow.
Alex is having a thin finger day.

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  1. stugs says:

    yo dave, you've done a lot of coool shit. I'm jealous.

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