Dear woman-in-her-20’s-or-30’s-driving-a-Mazda-pickup,
That is all I know about you. It’s probably all I will ever know about you. But this year, I have a Christmas gift for you.
As I was eating lunch with Lauren at the Noodlehouse, one of people at the other table informed us that you had preformed a nice hit and run on my (mom’s) BMW in the parking lot. They didn’t get your license plate number or anything, all they knew was that you are in your 20’s or 30’s, that you are female, and that you were maybe driving a Mazda pickup truck.
The damage was minimal, just a few scratches. The car was really dirty, as I’m sure you saw, so I couldn’t really tell how bad it was at the time. For insurance reasons, I decided to fill out a police report. It was nothing against you. I’m sure you were busy doing Christmas stuff, and didn’t think it was worth your time to look and see what you did. The eggnog in the back of your car couldn’t possibly afford a second to spare on its way to the fridge to stop for you to and leave your information on my windshield. I understand. But what if it was a big dent? What if we had to replace the panel? For all you know, we may still need to. Does it make you feel bad? Did you ever stop and think about that part of today where our lives collided (no pun intended), and wonder if you should have done something different?
..sorry. It was starting to sound like I was guilting you a bit there. My original objective here is to explain my Christmas gift to you. Well here it is:
In the spirit of the season, I am going to put this behind us. I’m going to choose not to care. The flustered afternoon you gave me by dominating my thoughts, having me wondering what the consequences of your ignorance would be; the time I spent at the police station filling out reports. All of this, wipe it clean from your conscience. It’s fine. Go about your busy schedule, and have yourself a Merry Christmas.
From me, To you.
alex is having an excited disappointed day. excited to be getting on a plane. disappointed because it’s only taking him as far as calgary.

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  1. Going to the airport with my backpack that still smelling of dirty hostels in far away lands was amazoning. I was eating at this horrible reastaurant at the toronto airport (BAY) I belive I was off to a new aventura fighting pirate, crocodiles and runnig from ladyboys! I was praying that I would get on the wrong plane, it has happen before. BUT NO I landing safe and sound in calgary the plane did even crash how disappointing was that:( I am one of the few that can say that best part of my holiday was the airport. Alexs day

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