Album of the Week #19:
‘Tis the season, once again, and I know all of you are still in the middle of getting your Christmas shopping done. Don’t kid yourself. The only ones that have finished their shopping already are the type-A individuals thinking it would reduce their stress levels. But type-A personalities are stressed 24/7 no matter what, so really, it was pointless.
Where am I going with this? Well, I was thinking I’d help you out with your Christmas shopping this week. Reduce stress levels. Etc.
Music fanatics are everywhere. You all know one. You all probably plan on buying them the usual gift certificate for HMV, as you do every birthday and christmas. Well stop right there. Gift certificates are always good, but they can be repetitive. Why not actually buy them a CD for a change. Let them know you care about them more than a “i -don’t-know-what-to-get-you-so-you-can-get-it-yourself-with-this-piece-of-plastic” gift.
Now you are wondering how you will know what CD they will like. Thats where Album of the Week #19 comes into play. Them Crooked Vultures are the new super group, consisting of members from bands like Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and even Led Zeppelin. Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, John Paul Jones. Three people that have proven over and over again they know what they are doing. I almost guarantee your music fanatic likes at least one of the three bands I mentioned above, so they are sure to find this band worth a listen. On the off chance your music fanatic doesn’t like either one of those three bands, then I am curious what they do like. And you should buy them this CD anyways. They have to start listening to good music at some point. Might as well be all thanks to you.
Well, and me, of course.
While you’re at it, check them out yourselves. Scumbag Blues has what can only be described as a 3 way solo. A must listen, in my opinion. And really, who better to pull it off than a lineup like this. link: Them Crooked Vultures

Album Singles: New Fang

Dav Suggests: Scumbag Blues, Warsaw Or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up, No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

The Album has a very heavy Queens of the Stone Age feel to it, but that is mostly due to Josh Hommes’ vocals. In terms of music tho, John Paul Jones keeps the sound a bit more upbeat and catchy, and Dave Grohl just does what he does best on the drums: completely rock them. It is a solid album overall, and yeah, the Christmas gift you can’t go wrong on.

you’re welcome

alex is having a scrooge day. bah humbug.

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