I feel this post needs to open with a brief backstory.
So, there’s this house. And then there’s another house. A bigger house, attached to the first house. An extension of it, if you will. We live in the bigger house. But we used to live in the smaller house. Follow me so far?
No? Well thats alright…I realized halfway through trying to explain it that it isn’t really important to my story.
What is important are the words Remote Control and Contacts Case. And now let’s add the adjective ‘first EVER.’ These are just a few things I found while cleaning out the smaller house. Here, pictures before I go on:

First EVER remote control. With a cord. Would you ever think remote controls for

TVs had cords at one point? I sure didn’t. For a second, I thought it defeated the purpose of it being ‘remote’ and all. But then I realized that it didn’t.
Thats how much it blew my mind.
(just a side note, check out the CHANNEL button. there isn’t an UP or DOWN, just CHANNEL. All I want is to change the CHANNEL. I don’t care what CHANNEL, but I’m sick of this one, so I press the CHANNEL button to get rid of it.) -im sure life wasn’t this awesome back then, but it should have been.

First EVER contacts case. or, at least, a very special contacts case. It cooks them for you. Why you would want your contacts cooked is beyond me, but this one does it for you anyways. Maybe its just what the technology called for back then. Or maybe it was some kind of luxury. Ooh, warm contacts.
I dunno. Either way, you just don’t see that nowadays.
So this is my week. Discovering crazy items as I clean out the old house.
Now excuse me while I go shoot some golf balls down the hill with this crazy sling shot I found.

Album of the Week will be posted tomorrow. Be sure to check it out. It’ll be a Christmas Special. woot.

alex is having a dead day. at least, this is the rumor going around anyway. -lmao aaron

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