Album of the Week #17:
Before I begin, let me explain how I usually write my Album of the Week.
To start, I get really into an album that has been on my ipod for months, (or years). The album usually is stuck in my head as I wake up in the morning. It is played on high volume during my commute to school. The drum beat pulses through the bottom of my shoes as I sit in my lectures. Each song is analyzed, and the artists style is studied in the back of my head all week. I turn to wikipedia and find any interesting facts I might want to include. Finally, I let the album play one last time and the music flows through my fingers as I type. Easy enough right?
Not this week. I couldn’t get into the pure mindset of any album this week. Try as I might, I just couldn’t drown myself in one. It was one of those ‘Shuffle Songs’ kind of weeks :s. So where does that leave my Album of the Week post this week?
Before last night, I wasn’t sure. But then an iPod commercial came on as I was watching The Office, and it clicked.
the artist: Tommy Sparks.
the song: She’s Got Me Dancing
If writing Album of the Week was murder, this one definitely wouldn’t be first degree and premeditated. Its more like second degree. You know, spur of the moment…but with the same end result of AWESOME being pumped through your speakers. Or in the murder example, a dead body.

Album Singles: She’s Got Me Dancing, I’m A Rope
Dav Suggests: Weekends Over, She’s Got Me Dancing
Tommy Sparks, originally out of Sweden, released this first major album just a few months ago in August. Since then, the hit single has been an instant hit, appearing on iPod commercials and (apparently) FIFA 2009 and stuff. iPod almost always has good taste in music, (gorillaz, the vines, jet, etc.) so you know its good.
The rest of the album has a cool alternative/techno sound to it, at times reminding me of the Killers, the Fratellis, and even The Cars.
One side note. I looked all over toronto for this album, but it seems it isn’t big in Canada yet. As in, HMV doesnt have it in their system at all. So unfortunately iTunes is the only place to find it for now. But its definitely worth checking out! link: Tommy Sparks
alright. 3 blogs in 3 days. I’m taking the weekend off.
alex is having a nice weather day.
basically I’m taking the opportunity to complain about how terrible calgary’s weather is this weekend.

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  1. aaronrgod says:

    I feel like your blogs have lost the misogynistic attitude that was really the foundation of FyfeBlawg…

  2. fyfedawg says:

    they were misogynistic at one point?? lmao

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