It was the first group project I was involved in for this filmmaking class. Let me just say right away, that this was a nice break from the previous two individual projects. I had originally thought this ‘group’ situaton would limit all three of our personal creativity in order to compensate for the other two group members’, but it was the exact opposite. Being in a group divided the work nicely, but at the same time all three of us were able to throw ideas back and forth and create something that was individually our own and at the same time all of ours.
I know I know. “yay for teamwork…yada-yada….back up a bit and stop teaching grade 1 dav”. Ok, ok, I’m sorry. I’ll move on.
When we were first split up into groups, Jack and Kurtis had already come up with a few ideas and even part of a screenplay written up. So that bit was easy. Within a week, Jack already had actors and indoor locations lined up. Kurtis had outdoor locations and ideas for directing covered. Again. Easy for me. I had my say in it here or there, but for the most part, they already had it all figured out. I just had to go through the motions of helping out.
That was until it hit the editing room. Then I had both hands on the wheel :D. -or, mouse and keyboard. whatever. For two or three full afternoons, I hid in the editing room playing with footage, our homemade sound effects, and a Burn After Reading soundtrack song. This was the end result.
YouTube Link: Special Surprise
It is somewhere along the lines of a darker psychological short, with a bit of action at the end to wrap it all up. I won’t tint your opinion by saying much more about it, so i’ll just let you watch and have your own thoughts.
Anything I would do different next time? Maybe use ‘real’ fake blood instead of ketchup. Maybe grain up the first three black and white scenes for consistency. Maybe….well, no. Everything else came out exactly how we intended I think. Woot.
But yeah, anyways, we were proud of how it turned out. Hopefully you think so too.
alex is having a “dav, it is too early for people to be up” day. “the day should start when alex starts instead.”
that is the alex day because that is prettymuch the only think I heard him say today as he was leaving for work. at 8:45am….rough, right?

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