In life, there are obvious changes, and less obvious changes. For example, you could buy a bigger TV, and when you go to watch it, you will notice an obviously a bigger image. On the other end of the scale, you could look at your hair one day, and the next day, even tho your hair is slightly longer, it is not obvious enough to be noticed. Obvious changes vs less obvious changes. Got it?
Ok, well I had a revelation of one of these ‘less obvious changes’ about myself today (kinda like when you wake up one day and say “damnn, i should get a haircut”).
A janitor was changing a garbage bin in the foodcourt downstairs, and as I walked by, he pulled out his cell phone to check the time. The look on his face as he did this is what brought on my revelation. The look was one of complete despair. One which would be translated into the english words “why isn’t my shift over yet? It’s only been ___ hours?? It feels like so much longer….” We all know that feeling.
I thought to myself, that look is so familiar, and at the same time, so distant and unfamiliar. Like an old friend (or enemy in this case). You recognize it but only as a memory. This is where my revelation comes in. I haven’t looked at a clock thinking those thoughts of impatience in forever. That feeling has gradually disappeared. Why? Is it a good thing? ..or a bad thing? What has brought this change on? Unlike the natural process of hair growth, the questions in this case took deeper pondering.
I concluded a few possibilities, all somewhat related.
1) I have hit the age of 20, and this decade is said to fly by. -ok. cliche, but plausable.
2) Maybe I have rid my life of all situations where time stands still. -if so, good for me..?
3) I am really busy and found something I actually enjoy doing every day. film school FTW
I dunno. Thats just me. But take a minute to think. How fast do the hands on your watch spin? Figure that out, and then ask yourself, why?
p.s…reading through my post for (inevitable) spelling mistakes etc, I noticed I could totally use a bigger TV.
and a haircut.
alex is having a fat day. says his facebook status.
don’t we all at one point tho? -well except for those of you with metabolisms like me. then we couldn’t if we tried

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