When someone says, “oh I see all sorts while taking public transit,” they are usually referring to the crazy people sitting across from them on the bus. Not me tho. I see ALL sorts.
Today a bird walked on the train at one of the stations. It didnt fly on. It didnt get scared on. It simply walked aboard on its own accord. Like it meant to.
I watched the doors close, and the bird does everything but panic. Completely calm. If I didnt know better, i’d say it was there on purpose. The bird just wandered around, glancing around occasionally, pacing up and down the traincar. People started looking at it, a few smiled. I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures.

The train comes to a stop, and the bird keeps its balance extremely well for only having two skinny legs and nothing to hold onto the poles with. The doors open, it glances around one last time, and calmly walks out like it was its stop. I sit there laughing to myself as it slowly makes its way down the platform, still not even thinking about flapping a wing.
One of two things could be true. Either he is going to be one confused bird as he tries to get his bearings when he steps outisde again, or he meant to do it, and he’s just extremely lazy.
Both conclusions entertain me.
alex is having a jaw-hurting day

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  1. aaronrgod says:

    Dude, animals adapt.He knew what he was doing.

  2. aaronrgod says:

    Dude, animals adapt. He knew where he was going.

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