You know when people have discussions in the elevator and you don’t really know what to think? You are left there wondering what just happened?

So I’m standing in an elevator going up to my friends place to film our next film project, and these three girls, couldn’t have been older than 12, are in the back. Their conversation goes as follows:
GIRL 1: What if I said you are a stupid ass
GIRL 2: A stupid ass?
GIRL 1: Yeah. Is that a funny word? Stupid ass?
GIRL 3: *giggles*
GIRL 1: (spurred on by the giggles of GIRL 3) haha yeahh, you are a stupid ass
GIRL 2: oh hehe, well you are a bigger stupid ass
The elevator dings, and all three girls get out giggling and continuing this ridiculous conversation. As the elevator closes, the three of us holding film equipement glance at eachother, eyebrows raised. Slightly shocked, but without missing a beat nonetheless, we act out the conversation amongst the three of us exactly how it went seconds earlier. We get out of the elevator laughing (much less like a group of 12 year old girls, but more as a sarcastic chuckle) 22 stories later. I look back at an older chinese man in the far corner of the elevator, just staring at the floor. I am still, to this moment, wondering what he thought of the whole ordeal.
That chinese man knows exactly what I meant in my question above. He was the perfect example of when you are left standing there, wondering what just happened.
alex is having a Ford Prefect day. Like from the book Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy. What I mean is, he is confused why humans always have to state the obvious.

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