Everybody has, at one point or another, pondered the question “what would the world be like if everyone was like me?” I’m sure Sesame Street told us once that the world would be boring, and we are all special. Something along those happy lines. But these days, most of us don’t turn on the kids channel when we wake up in the morning *cough* alex. So today I have a more accurate answer. One simple word answers this pondering — of course, if I were the person in question here:
Extremely oblivious.
(ok two words. but really, when have adjectives ever counted?)
I know for a fact that at this point those of you who know me are thinking “yeahh.. tell us something we don’t know.” Well, let me get to it. I am just leading into a story.
My story takes place (again) underneath my condo building as I am walking home. My mind was once again, wondering. Any conscious thought was lost between lunch and this weeks upcoming Album of the Week playing in my headphones.
In retrospect, I knew my peripheral vision saw someone approaching. In retrospect, I knew they changed their course to run up beside me. In retrospect, I knew they were tapping me on the shoulder. In retrospect, I knew they were trying to snap me out of it.
But in reality, it took me a good 3 or 4 solid paces before I actually clued into this.
I realize it was my friend Stugs, that just happened to be downtown today. And, I mean, he isn’t your average guy that blends into a crowd. Think X-men’s Beast, mixed with X-men’s Wolverine. With red hair. Anyone would instantly recognize him a mile away.
Well, anyone except for me apparently. Of course, today he was a little less ‘dyed purple’ and he had a shirt on. But you get my point.
So I return to my question. “What would the world be like if everyone was like me?” We would all keep walking along, lost in our own world. Nobody would be even remotely aware of their surroundings. You would never randomly meet up with an old friend on the street. We would all be extremely oblivious…. How boring would that be???
Hmmm…..maybe Sesame Street was right all along.
crazy Stugs…what a legend
*pictures from halloween 2008. good times, good times
alex is having a “my feet are a far way away from my head” day.
don’t ask me… it is what it is.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hahah thanks man! those are all great things you said about me, but I do suggest that it is in fact you, who is the legend. rob

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